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Apply starting August 1, 2023 for the 2023 Awards.

Deadline for submissions is November 15, 2023.

Please review this page below to learn about eligibility requirements, important dates and judging criteria. You will also find helpful resources to guide you through the application.



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To navigate and optimize your application, an Applicant Guide is available for your reference. This includes but is not limited to: things to consider when completing your application, important definitions, best practice examples, and helpful hints.

To streamline the application process, we encourage you to use the templates provided below to collect the necessary information for your online application.

Measurable Impact

Process Attributes

Key Partners

To further ensure the strength and quality of your application please use this recommended Checklist throughout the application process. This same checklist will be used in your final application submission to help mitigate unnecessary disqualification.

Applications are automatically saved throughout each visit (with manual save also possible) to allow multiple visits if the application cannot be completed in a single sitting.

For translated versions of the above files, please use the links below.

Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish


All Clinical Care Initiatives must meet the minimum requirements for application submission:

  1. The clinical care initiative must be implemented into clinical practice.
  2. The metrics must fall under a singular clinical care effort.
  3. The clinical care initiative must include at least three disciplines (including Laboratory Medicine/Pathology).
    • Example Care Team: Laboratory Medicine, Quality, Information Technology (IT), and Nursing.
  4. There must be at least one measurable impact or Key Performance Indicator (KPI) associated with each of the four stakeholders: patients, clinicians, health systems/ administration, and payors.
  5. Impact can be assessed quantitatively (preferred) or qualitatively, but there must be at least two quantitative metrics that supports the measurably better healthcare performance within the application.
  6. There cannot be more than four qualitative metrics.


This prestigious award is open to all healthcare teams and professionals, regardless of any affiliations with Abbott and/or our Program Partners. This includes research projects, speaking engagements and/or disclosures, commercial affiliations, processes, consulting, or instrumentation.







DateDeadline Details
August 1, 2023Applications for the 2023 Awards Opens
November 15, 2023Deadline for the 2023 Applications
March 2024Notification of 2023 Winners


This prestigious honor is awarded through partnership with leading professional societies, institutions, and associations in the fields of healthcare, economics, and quality. All submissions will be assessed on the merits of measurable impact of their clinical care initiative to patients, clinicians, health systems / administration, and payors. Interdisciplinary winning teams of the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award will have demonstrated strength in unity and avant-garde approaches to solve problems in innovative ways for measurable impact.

Note: Abbott is a sponsor of the award but does not have any role in the scoring process and/or the selection of winners.